Thank you all for a wonderful February Antenatal Class, complete with an amazing coffee group meeting.

All those gorgeous wee babies at all ages and stages, what a fantastic job you are all doing.

Thank you to Val Furness - Lactation Consultant, and Dr Janette McCormick - Chiropractor, for their professional input and time on a Saturday afternoon.

Val and Janette addressing the class

It is fantastic to see the outcome of good antenatal education and effort put in by new parents to supporting each other in the process of loving and raising our babies.

Please recommend Antenatal Ed Howick to your friends and family.

We are building a good solid team of experienced and devoted women who support and recognise the benefits of good antenatal education.

Working daily with families and new babies gives us experience you may not be able to find in other groups.

Also remember that our monthly coffee group meetings are available to anyone and we bring you other health professionals to chat to in a relaxed environment.