Couples considering an antenatal course ask me whether antenatal classes are worth the investment.

When you ask couples who have completed an Antenatal Ed course, the answer would be "yes", and every couple gets something a little different out of attending.

Most importantly, you will explore and understand:

  • How your amazing body works - what are those powerful hormones that support labour and birthing.
  • How to work with your LMC, partner and support people to be confident throughout your labour, birth and time as new parents.
  • That the safest, most important gift for life, you can give a newborn, is "colostrum". What is it, where can you get it for free, why is it the only food your newborn should have. We will share with you the inside story on how to be the safest "producer" of human baby food.
  • Dads, we will help you become the rocket scientist as you deal with all that baby equipment. Car seats are the second most important gift a child will need.
  • Your baby is not like you! How to communicate with your baby. How you as parents of your baby will be the only "baby whisperer or sleep consultant", you need.
  • You need new friends - find them at our classes and coffee groups.

Antenatal Ed provide antenatal education that is based on day-to-day experience. We work closely with your LMC's in the clinical area, and may even work with you in the hospital. That is where you will find us each day.

At Antenatal Ed our gift to you is hands on expertise, we do more than read the handbook and turn the pages with you. We can answer the curly questions, in an ever changing environment.

We care for mothers, babies and families at birth and through the journey of the early days. It is experience only a working midwife can share with you.

Take the journey with us.