Welcome to the end of 2018.    Trusting Your Antenatal Classes to Deliver!

Classes at Antenatal Ed Howick are filling fast for the remainder of the year.  You may believe our birth rate is increasing and everyone you see is pregnant.

For us at Antenatal Ed Howick, we know why our classes are full.  The loss of free classes throughout Auckland has brought up an interesting dilemma.

The quality of your antenatal education will determine which course you choose, and who is providing that course.

Consider:  Who is your facilitator. What experience does she have.  Most importantly who is regulating the information she provides. What is her clinical experience and as a new parent to be, can you trust the information given to you, to be the safest for your birthing and parenting journey.  Is it well balanced considering the unknown journey you are taking.  What are you actually paying for. How long has she been facilitating Antenatal Classes? Is it her passion?

What is evidence based practice. Is clinical, experience, well practiced information important to you.  Does your facilitator work daily with women and their families in birthing suites and postnatal areas providing care from day one, for new mothers and their babies. Does your facilitator work closely with Obstetricians who will provide any necessary secondary care, which is required for complicated pregnancy and birthing situations.

At Antenatal Ed Howick, we provide a programme that is top class. We give you information you can trust and be completely sure it is up to date. Our labour and birthing recommendations are evidence based and best practice based, recognised by Midwifery Council NZ and the Obstetric Guidelines in New Zealand.

Our baby care and child health information is guided by the most researched recommendations for infant feeding, safe sleep, carseat use, immunisations, vitamin K recommendations etc. Health and development of your baby is our priority, as is the mental health of new mothers, and their families. Your choices must be guided by the best research based information available to you.

Recently, media posts brought to light discussion of evidence based practice not being supported in Auckland antenatal classes.

At Antenatal Ed Howick our facilitators are Registered Midwives, who practice daily in Obstetric Units and Midwifery led birthing units. They are regulated by the Midwifery Council, belong to the College of Midwives and International Lactation Boards.  These Midwives undergo regular Midwifery reviews, and update their  education at the highest level of Midwifery Council and RANZCOG (Obstetrics) requirements.  Best of all they practice their skills daily and have many years of experience. They are also well known to your LMC's - midwives and Obstetricians.

Safe practice for all mothers and babies and families is our goal.  Not only do we bring to you "evidence based practice", we are able to bring you clinically practiced research and day - to - day changes in those guidelines.             We walk the talk.

Most importantly we are "Regulated"  and overseen by the highest groups in New Zealand.  So,  as you choose your antenatal education  consider the best.

Antenatal Ed Howick is open to any couple in Auckland, choosing to birth at home or in any hospital in Auckland. Remember our information can be applied to any LMC or Hospital. We practice under New Zealand Guidelines for Best Practice in Midwifery and Obstetrics. You will not find better information. We would love to hear from you.   Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..