Antenatal Education Howick have been running their own Childbirth Preparation and Early Parenting classes since November 2013. The classes are facilitated by Linda Boyd - an industry veteran with 35 years of experience - and two of her own children. 

Linda started her career as a nurse at Auckland Hospital in 1980 and worked there for 10 years in the medical ward and emergency department. In 1990 she left Auckland Hospital and went to work with families and schools in the communities of West Auckland - primarily near Piha and other West Coast beaches. In 1994 she completed her diploma in midwifery and continued to practice in West Auckland - now as a midwife at Waitakere Hospital. She had her babies in 1996 and 1998.  

After the birth of her first baby she started teaching to help educate others and share her experiences about one of life's biggest journeys - pregnancy and parenthood. These classes started in West Auckland in 1997, but in 2000 their family moved to Howick and Linda continued to work as an educator and as a midwife at the Botany Birthing Unit. In November 2013 Linda set up Antenatal Education Howick as a result of public funding cuts that meant the classes had to operate on their own. 

Linda is passionate about education as a way to bring people together to learn and share skills and information so that we can all be better parents. Her number one goal is to give you the skills you need to take control and be confident with the process of childbirth and the lifelong commitment to parenting.